Urban Capital Group was founded in early 2015 after two long time investors Ryan Scialabba and Aaron Archibald met while finishing projects on the same street. As they got to become great friends, they realized that they both wanted to fulfill the same vision of building a company that would streamline the home selling process so that someone could sell their Pittsburgh house for cash in as little as 21 days.

After helping 100's of homeowners sell their home much faster than the traditional route, we have been able to build a team of incredible people to help us fulfill our vision. These people are focused on providing the best customer experience we possibly can and always working dilligently to solve all types of real estate problems.

We wanted you to be able to know a little bit more about the simple 3 step process for selling your house, and be able to meet the people that will be helping you through it.


Operations Manager 

Joel Lauer is typically the first voice you will hear when you call to sell your Pittsburgh house. He'll let you know how the 3-step process works by gathering some information about the house and the situation and then start putting together that information to see if we can help you sell your house in the time frame that you need to.

When he's not answering the phones, he has his hands in all parts of the business helping us be as efficient as possible. When he's not working he's likely to be found in and out of Pittsburgh restaurants or out on the golf course.

Acquisition Manager 

Bryan Bercik, as our acquisitions manager is all about finding the best solution for you when you want to sell your house. After you and Joel  talk on the phone, Bryan will give you a call back and set an appointment to come out to your house.

Once there, he'll assess any improvement or upgrades the house may need, work some numbers and then figure out what the best solution is for you. He'll most likely be able to make you a cash offer before heading back to the office, but if not, he'll get back to you within 24 hours.

When he's out of the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and two beautiful little girls. When the weather clears up in the summer he likes to spend time out on the water, boating and wakeboarding.


Project Manager

Bill Oliverio is Urban Capital Group's project manager. He spends his days managing the renovations on all of our homes. With over 35 years of experience in the construction business, Bill brings an amazing amount of knowledge on how to create a high quality home for people to enjoy. 

Bill, along side Aaron, has been responsible for growing our in house construction team to 10 employees and now manages 15+ renovations at a time. 

Bill, like the rest of the crew, is a traveler and a family man. He enjoys relaxing after a long day's work and spending the weekends with family and friends. 



Ryan Scialabba is a partner here at Urban Capital Group. Still to this day he is very involved in the house buying process. From the second Joel picks up the phone until Bryan makes you an all cash offer, Ryan ensures that we are providing the best possible customer experience to you, that we can.

His vision when starting the company with Aaron was to make the home selling process as easy and friendly as possible. He ensures that we make fair, all cash offers, and that we close when we say we will. He'll look forward to meeting you at the closing table and making sure that the process was exactly what we said it would be.

When he's not busy running Urban Capital Ryan enjoys traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and learning new things. He was lucky to have found his passion very early on in being able to help people and build an incredible team. He takes extreme pride in being able to provide for his team members every day.


Aaron Archibald is Ryan's counterpart in Urban Capital Group. He always says "Ryan finds them and I fix them". With his extensive experience and knowledge in construction, it's almost like the pair was destined to meet.

Aaron and his team of contractors are strictly responsible for turning some of the most dilapidated Pittsburgh houses into affordable dream homes for new buyers.

His journey in real estate started back in early 2005 when he bought his first duplex. After successfully renovating, renting, and refinancing the property he was onto the next.

When Aaron isn't busy running the renovations, he also enjoys traveling the world, chasing concerts, and snowboarding. One thing about our team, is that we can all appreciate some good Pittsburgh food and music.